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Protection Packages

Paint Protections

Paint Protection protects against UV Rays & Environmental elements for 10 years. Fading or Oxidation from the sun, and seals the paint to no additional protection is required. This product has to be in spected every two years and reapplied every four years.

Fabric Protection

Fabric Protection puts an invisible barrier on your fabric that ensures easy cleanup. The protection bonds the fabric. This is a 5 year guarantee and does not have to be re-applied (inspection necessary every 2 years). If the fabric does stain and can't be cleaned it will be repaired or replaced.

Rip, Tear, Burn

This is insurance for Rip, Tear, or Burns in your fabric. This fabric will be repaired or replaced for 5 years. You must purchase the Fabric Protection to qualify for this coverage.

Security Etching

There is a secure etch number in your window and the benefit of this is that if your unit is stolen and retrieved they will pay up to $2,000.00 to help with repairs and deductibles. If the unit is never found they will give you $5,000.00 towards a new unit.

Tire & Rim Protection

This coverage is for 6 years and it covers your tires and rims. If you run over debris or anything that is not of your doing, it will replace just the tire, just the rim, or the tire & rim if necessary. We will top your nitrogen up at any time at N/C for the 60 month period.

Mouse Protection

A product that is guaranteed for 5 years that a mouse will not get into your RV. If a mouse does get in you can put in an annual claim for up to $500.00 for damages and cleaning.