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De-Winterize Your RV

From our experience we know many RVs are not winterized properly. If you happened to miss a section of water line, didn't do your winterizing properly, or even if you had someone else do the job for you, you must anticipate leaks and know how to look for them during the process of de-winterizing.

The most important thing during de-winterizing is remembering not to leave your RV anytime during the process just in case there is a leak. You want to be able to find it as soon as possible, not after the flood. Close low point drains, water tank drain, and dump valves.

To check for leaks, look underneath all sink taps, toilet, and shower taps (if accessible). Check connections on the water pump and water heater. Look inside any cabinets where water lines may be running through, and also under the trailer. Watch for flowing water where there should be none as you follow the steps below.

  1. Reconnect the fresh water line to your water pump OR make sure your winterizing valve is turned to access the water from your fresh water tank.
  2. Fill your fresh water tank, drain it once to flush out the stale standing water at the bottom of the tank, and then refill it for de-winterizing.
  3. **Be prepared to start running around looking for leaks as described above.** Start the water pump and run water to the toilet and all hot and cold taps of sinks, tub, shower, outside shower, and any other accessories. Let the water run unit it finishes.